Access almost a million academic and non-fiction books with Perlego

Access almost a million academic and non-fiction books with Perlego
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Students struggle enough to pay for tuition. With the added burden of books and supplies, many need to work or forgo other necessities to make ends meet. What if there was a cheaper, viable option?

According to, the average college textbook costs about $105.37.But even if one could afford the steep price, oftentimes the materials are unavailable or out of stock. With Perlego you can have access to almost a million academic and non-fiction books for less than the costs of most texts. A one-year subscription can be yours for only $99, and because we know you’re likely to be living college life for more than a year, you can opt to get two years for only $159, or three years for $199.

Here are a few more stats that may astound you. The average postsecondary student spends between $628 and $1,471 annually on books and supplies. The price of textbooks increases by an average of 12% with each new edition. 29.7% of students have used financial aid to pay for textbooks. (And if they were needing this textbook, they’d need more than a small loan!) Perlego believes that learning should be affordable and accessible, and has thus assembled this massive library that can be easily accessed on your phone, laptop, or tablet, allowing you to study and learn anytime, anywhere.

Meet Perlego, the online university library

In addition to being able to retrieve the material when needed, Perlego offers other useful and time-saving extras that will be sure to please any student. The app automatically will create citations, reference lists, and bibliographies. You will be able to add notes and highlight sections of text, just as you would with a regular textbook. Perlego even offers a night mode so you don’t disturb your roomies during those midnight crams.

Of course, students will highly benefit from Perlego, but they aren’t the only ones that could profit from this awesome program. Anyone who needs to prepare reports, proposals, or other business documents or reference material will find it invaluable. Or if you just happen to have an inquiring mind, Perlego should be able to easily sate your appetite for information. It is the recipient of nearly 1400 exceptional reviews from real customers on Trustpilot, including this one. “[Perlego] has been an invigorating and challenging experience thus far. [It] has been an invaluable resource for me in learning, researching, and writing my assignments."

So, until robots can do all our schoolwork for us, it’s wise to get your Perlego subscription today for the best-on-web pricing and start learning tomorrow! Sign up for 31% off $144 at just $99 today.

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