This palm-sized bionic pup offers a fun introduction to STEM

This palm-sized bionic pup offers a fun introduction to STEM
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Programming and robotics are two fields that will shape the future of technology. You can learn about both subjects by building and coding the Petoi Bittle bionic dog — and this fun kit is currently 20% off for a limited time.

As featured on Kickstarter, Bittle is like a mini version of those impressive bots created by Boston Dynamics. The difference is that this little robo-mutt is small enough to fit in your palm and easy enough for anyone to build.

Petoi Bittle, now available on Indiegogo - a Realistic Palm-sized Robot Dog for STEM and Fun

Powered by the OpenCat open-source framework for quadrupedal robots, Bittle is capable of walking across varying types of terrain. In addition, you can use simple Scratch, C++, or Python code to program your bionic doggo with new behaviors — such as walking backward, dancing, and custom tricks.

Bittle is also compatible with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi ecosystems. This means you can easily stick on some sensors to make your dog more aware, and install a microprocessor to inject some artificial intelligence.

You can purchase Bittle either pre-assembled or as a kit. If you choose the DIY option (which is probably more fun), you will find that the frame is interlocking like a puzzle. The whole thing is pretty sturdy, and it doesn’t take long to assemble.

Once Bittle is fully put together, you can even connect the supplied infrared remote to take your new pet for “walkies.” Outings last for one whole hour on a full charge.

The Petoi Bittle kit is normally priced at $329, but you can get it for only $263.20 using the 20% discount code JULY20 at New Atlas Deals. You can use the same code on any order over $100 through July 5th — so be sure to stock up on tech!

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