Score $20 in Pre-Black Friday savings on this 64GB photo backup stick

Score $20 in Pre-Black Friday savings on this 64GB photo backup stick
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Digital camera sales have decreased dramatically since 2010, but people are taking more pictures than ever. Now, they're just using their smartphones, and they're in need of somewhere to keep their memories alive. This Photo Backup Stick can help.

With ever-advancing technology (case in point: Samsung is aiming to release ultra-high-def smartphone photography with a 200-MP sensor), picture quality has improved multi-fold. Add to that the convenience of simply being able to pull your camera out of your pocket within a moment’s notice, and there are a lot more photo-ops being taken that were previously missed out on. In fact, in 2020 there were 1.43 trillion photos taken worldwide with over 90% of them having been taken on smartphones.

With all this picture-snapping happening, you have to know that the ultimate “Memory Full” message is going to come flashing across your screen. With so many more selfies and food shots and cute pet pictures yet to take, how do you make more room on your phone?

The answer is this Photo Backup Stick Universal. It’s an all-in-one picture and video backup tool for computers and phones. Keep everything in one place, without duplicates, and free up much-needed memory. Simply plug in the stick to your device, open the app, and start the backup! Save yourself monthly cloud storage fees while keeping your photos and videos safe and secure. With 64GB of space, you’ll be able to store tens of thousands of images.

During our Pre-Black Friday sale, you will be able to pick up this photo backup stick for an additional 15% off our already discounted price. Normally valued at $89, it can be yours for a limited time for only $68.84 with promo code SAVE15NOV. So keep on taking those pictures, knowing that you will be able to access them easily whenever you need to. And who knows? Maybe one of those shots will be worthy of a Mobile Photography Award.

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