These CBD-infused sleep drops can change a restless sleeper’s life

These CBD-infused sleep drops can change a restless sleeper’s life
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Admit it. You’ve always kind of suspected that TikTok was ruining the world. You may not have been able to prove it. But you felt it. Well…now there’s evidence that after all that supposition, you just may be right in assuming that TikTok is a sign of the end times. Or, at least, it’s doing one heck of a number on a whole lot of peoples’ nightly rest.

In fact, a new study conducted by sleep science platform Sleep Junkie found that certain apps are far more disruptive than others during an evening of scrolling the timeline – and TikTok was right at the top of the bad list.

Even if you’re hopelessly addicted to 15-second pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dances, and other entertainment, there’s still a way to ensure you never miss the valuable sleep time your body doesn’t just need, but demands.

Plant People’s Drops+ Sleep uses all natural full spectrum CBD to create a tincture that gets right to the core of sleep. It helps users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer for a full restful night, all with suffering the next-day fogginess and other annoying aftereffects of over the counter sleep aids.

The drops are formulated using only top quality hemp extract high in both CBD and CBN to create a botanical blend that works to drastically improve your sleep. The calming effects of CBD team up with CBN, a rare cannabinoid with its own mild sedative properties, to combine in an entourage effect, a mixture even more impactful than either element separately.

With just a dropper-full under your tongue before bed, this solution slows down the nocturnal brain activity that can keep people awake while working to normalize their average sleep cycles. In addition to working wonders to give users their 8 hours of soothing rest per night, this blend also works to quiet anxieties, keep stress at bay, and generally smooth out your mood to better stabilize your entire emotional state. It even works to help calm some of the physical aches and pains we all suffer.

Unlike other tinctures that can taste like medicine, Drops+ Sleep goes down smooth, offering a pleasant, floral flavor that practically anyone can enjoy. That would include past users who have posted more than 300 positive reviews of the drops’ effectiveness.

This has become my go to before bed,” user Deborah reported. “I sleep deep and sound. On the few nights that an intense worry has ruffled me, the drops allow me to not overagonize…soothing my mind into slumber.”

You can get better sleep and feel more rested the next day with Plant People's Drops + Sleep, available now in a 4-night trial size at $9.99. Or you can save 15 percent off on orders (anything $30+) with code NEWATLAS15.

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