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Nowadays, storage space is at a minimum. And no we're not talking about garage space, we're talking digital. The programs and files we save to our computers add up each year — and add up, and add up. Unless you want to carry an unsightly external hard drive with you, you’ll need a cloud solution like Polar Backup cloud storage to save your files. And if you indeed do go with Polar, you can get 1TB for just $39.99.

Polar Backup is a cloud storage service backed by AWS, and they’re currently offering lifetime plans for 1TB, 2TB, and 5TB. By uploading your files to the cloud, Polar Backup will use duplication and redundancy to ensure that any file that gets corrupted is replaced with a working copy. Additionally, Polar Backup’s intuitive UI makes it easy to manage, sort, locate, and preview files, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. Polar Backup’s servers also use block-level uploads, so storing and retrieving large quantities can be done much faster than on normal cloud storage services.

With a Polar Backup cloud storage plan, you can upload and retrieve your files with ease and you'll never have to worry about external hard drives again. You can sign up for a lifetime plan with just one easy payment of $39.99 for 1TB, $59.99 for 2TB, or $99.99 for 5TB.

Prices subject to change