This 100 hour training will teach you how to be a pro photographer

This 100 hour training will te...
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If you've been itching to learn photography, but just don't know where to start, this course bundle may be for you. Packed with over 100 hours of high-quality tutorials in photography and photo editing software, this professional bundle packs a punch. Plus, you can now access all the content for only $39.99.

With over 1,000 lessons, The Pro Photography & Photoshop 20 Course Bundle will teach you more than a thing or two about becoming a photographer. Whether you're looking to start an extra side-hustle or simply want to take up photography as a hobby, you'll get lifetime access to courses that offer everything from fundamental beginner concepts to advanced professional techniques.

You'll dive deep into courses dedicated to all sorts of photography — such as wedding, cinematic, outdoor portrait, and landscape — and learn the process and techniques for each. Once you master the art of taking the photographs, you'll learn editing methods in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and GIMP, allowing you to review the content you capture and turn it into stunning frame-worthy pieces. You'll also be provided with hands-on exercises and materials that will enable you to practice what you learn and be able to follow along with each tutorial. 24/7 access to all the content will allow you to come back and visit each concept or tutorial whenever a new project comes up or a spark of inspiration strikes.

While lifetime access to The Pro Photography & Photoshop 20 Course Bundle is valued at almost $2,000, it is currently price-dropped to only $39.99. With professional photographers covering everything you need to know about the art of photography, it's undoubtedly a great way to get started on shooting impactful images for work or play.

Prices subject to change. Software not included.

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