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Designed to be customized, Ebi...
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With biking routes, beach boardwalks, and national parks slowly opening up, the perfect opportunity arises to get outdoors. Although electric bikes are not a novel invention, brands around the world are revamping their design to meet consumer needs. One brand, in particular, that is rising to the occasion, is Rad Power Bikes.

Whether you live near a beach, a rugged mountain area, or a bustling city, Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes brings you an enjoyable alternative to getting around that's tuned in to quality. Ranked one of Inc. 5000's fastest-growing companies of 2019, eco-friendly Rad Power Bikes started as a hobby then a sole proprietorship for founder Mike Radenbaugh. After partnering with childhood friend Ty Collins, their innovative flagship bike — the RadRover model — struck the right note with outdoor enthusiasts, and they soon became North America's largest ebike brand. Having now expanded to Europe and Canada, they sell ebikes for any terrain and purpose — all with the passion for functionality.

Helping alleviate pedaling during long treks by giving your bike that extra push, these bikes have taken off as a way of getting around without the excess strain. Rad Power Bikes' mighty-yet-quiet 750W motors allow for faster speeds (up to 20 mph). If you live in a busy city, the RadCity Step-Thru 3 — named Best City Electric Bike and Best Affordable Electric Bike of 2020 by — is a great contender. In their words, "People who might have known about ebikes but struggled to find one that was approachable and well balanced now have a great option."

The leading overall aesthetic for the brand includes bold tires, adaptable frames with accessories, and keen attention to detail, which often outshines models with similar price points. Backed by a tech-heavy philosophy and a compelling product design team, you'll find models such as the RadWagon 4, which boasts smaller tires to achieve a lower center of gravity. There's also the RadRunner1, which has over 300 accessory combinations, allowing for customization to fit any lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for an adventure bike, in need of a utility hauler, or simply don't want to deal with parking while you're out and about, enjoy going electric without compromising quality. With prices starting at $1,199 per bike, Rad Power Bikes will make your transition outdoors extremely enjoyable.

Check out the complete selection of Rad Power Bike models here.

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i have tried these bikes. amazon is taking over new york delivery and going to put fresh direct out of business using whole foods. the delivery team ALL use the rad power ebike.

i've used it myself a bit. it's amazing.