Need to connect when there's no service? Try this off-grid GPS tracker

Need to connect when there's no service? Try this off-grid GPS tracker
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Although taking time away from technology to unwind and recharge is excellent, it's also an inconvenience when there's an emergency and no service to be found. Stay connected in remote areas with the Radacat C2 Messenger: Off-Grid GPS Tracker.

Named the world's best messenger in the off-grid products industry, the Radacat C2 is a force to be reckoned with. The device provides ultimate connection in areas where cell service is unavailable or unreliable, and if there is no Wi-Fi nearby. It offers various attributes that help you stay connected when it matters. Features include offline GPS (complete with downloadable HD maps for off-grid travels), text and voice messages, and real-time locations to other Radacat C2 users. Radacat also connects with your mobile phone to help you get in contact with family, friends, or emergency personnel.

Designed with avid travelers in mind, the gadget measures 4.4” H x 1.6” L and weighs only 1.9oz, making it a great accessory to take with you while on the go. With more than 36 hours of battery life available per charge, you'll be able to easily message others within a 6-mile range (42 miles with the relay feature on) when no cell signal is available. Plus, there are no monthly fees, and a highly secure, 100% private network of 128-bit encryption ensures utmost privacy.

See Radacat C2 Messenger in action here:

Introducing The RADACAT GPS Messenger 2

With two sets of Radacat C2 Messengers included in the bundle, you'll be able to share the tracker with a family member or friend on your next traveling adventure, with safety as a priority. Also included in the kit are two silicone protective cases for lasting durability and two charging cables for when the time comes to repower.

While the Radacat C2 Messenger: Off-Grid GPS Tracker (2-Pack) is regularly priced at $289, you can purchase the duo today at only $230 (and nearly $60 off).

Prices subject to change.