This CES-featured composter turns your food waste into fertilizer

This CES-featured composter turns your food waste into fertilizer
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This 2023, you may want to make an effort to reduce your contribution to landfill. The easiest way to do that is to collect your kitchen scraps and turn them into compost using a tool like the Reencle Prime Food Waste Composter.

In the recently-concluded 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the composter wowed everyone with its fuss-free process of converting food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer. And for a limited time, you can score it on sale for $10 off the brand's own pricing.

In case you're not aware, roughly 30 to 40 percent of the food supply in the U.S. turns into food waste. With Reencle Prime, you can transform your home's waste into organic superfood for your plants, so you can earn more cookie points from Mother Earth. It has mechanisms that make the conversion process take as little as two hours, and with the always-on system, you don't have to wait until it's done processing earlier scraps to add more. You're free to add waste or scoop soil at any time.

The composter has a touchless step motion sensor that detects your foot or the wave of your hand, prompting it to open automatically. It also features a breakthrough 3-layer filter system that allows for odor-free composting, as well as silent machinery that operates quietly under the level of 28dB.

Reencle: Kitchen-to-Garden Fertilizer Composter

The most impressive part is it's also incredibly low maintenance, meaning it can withstand high acidity and high salinity environments, and extreme temperatures. It doesn't have to be replaced constantly and can be used cycle after cycle.

The Reencle Prime is capable of holding up to 1.5 lbs of food waste. And with this composter in your home, you can reduce up to 90 percent of your food waste at home and create rich, completely organic fertilizer.

Normally $699, you can grab the composter on sale for only $489.

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