A steal of a deal this Labor Day: a refurbished iPad Pro for $171

A steal of a deal this Labor Day: a refurbished iPad Pro for $171
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TL;DR: This refurbished Apple iPad Pro combines a stunning 9.7-inch Retina display with a powerful Apple A9X processor, delivering a visual feast and seamless multitasking experience at a budget-friendly price of $159.97 (reg. $599) during our Labor Day Campaign.

The iPad Pro is proof of Apple’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Though it was released in 2016, this refurbished gem still boasts a host of features that make it a compelling choice for both techies and budget-conscious shoppers.

You will first notice its mesmerizing 9.7” Retina display, breathing life into your favorite content, rendering it in stunning detail and vibrant colors. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite TV series, reading an e-book, or editing photos, the visual experience is nothing short of immersive.

With 32GB of internal storage, this iPad offers ample space for your software, apps, music, movies, photos, and more. You can carry your digital world with you, all neatly organized in a sleek and portable package.

The 12MP iSight and 5MP FaceTime HD cameras are an added bonus. They allow you to capture breathtaking photos on the go, whether you're documenting your travels or snapping memorable moments with friends and family. These cameras ensure that your memories are preserved in vivid detail.

Boasting a robust 10-hour battery life, you can confidently browse, surf, game, or work throughout the day without constantly seeking a power source. Under the hood, the Apple A9X processor provides the tablet with the power needed to tackle multiple tasks seamlessly. Whether you're editing videos, running demanding apps, or multitasking like a pro, this tablet won't leave you waiting.

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What sweetens the deal further is that this iPad Pro comes complete with accessories. You get a tempered glass screen protector to safeguard your device's display, a snap-on case for protection and style, and a lightning cable for easy charging and data transfer.

Don’t let the fact that it’s refurbished deter you. Refurbished devices undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure they meet our grading standards. This tablet may be scuffed or have some light scratches on the outside, but know that on the inside you’re getting a product that's as good as new and at a significantly lower price point. Plus, buying refurbished is an eco-friendly choice, as it reduces electronic waste and extends the lifespan of devices.

From now until 11:59 PM on September 4, 2023, during our Labor Day Campaign, this refurbished iPad Pro can be yours for only $159.97, no coupon required (reg. $599).

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