Save money and the environment with this refurbished iPad mini

Save money and the environment with this refurbished iPad mini
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Larger than an iPhone, and cheaper than a laptop, this iPad may be mini but it’s still capable of handling almost any task. And by purchasing a refurbished model, you’re doing something good for the environment by reducing the amount of e-waste that we as a society are generating.

While there is no doubt that we love to be up-to-date with our technology with the latest and greatest of what is out there, there is often no reason that we can’t stick with the tried-and-true. The iPad mini was first released a decade ago at a price point of up to $659 (that’s about $850 in today’s dollars). So while this iPad mini 4 is not the latest model, at the even further reduced price of $139.99 during our Refurbished event, it’s well worth the investment.

We really don’t need to tell you that it’s compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand—after all, the name pretty much says it all. But we do want to emphasize how much power it can pack. With an operating system that is designed to help you muscle through your day, an Apple A8 chip that will allow you to seamlessly stream video and browse photos and an 8MP iSight camera that will have you snapping amazing pics and videos, this iPad mini 4 will soon be your constant companion. It also features a 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera so that you’ll be seen in glorious hi-def when you’re Facetiming your friends on the 7.9” 2048x1536 resolution screen. You will easily be able to connect to any wireless network or hotspot and thanks to the 9-hour battery life, one full charge will allow you to take your new BFF anywhere!

Apple iPad mini 4: Unboxing & Review

To sweeten the deal even more, this iPad mini 4 comes with pre-installed tempered glass, a snap-on plastic case, a UL-certified wall charger, a Lightning cable, and the original Apple box.

Highly rated by verified buyers, you can purchase this refurbished iPad mini 4 for 65% off the retail price of $729. From now until February 23, 2023, it’s on for only $139.99, no coupon required.

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