Continuously breathe quality air with this 4-layer purifying mask

Continuously breathe quality air with this 4-layer purifying mask
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As we are all aware, wearing face coverings while out in public is now strongly recommended – and in some areas even mandated. So it may be time for an upgrade. The Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask brings you ultimate 4-layer protection that blocks out harmful particles, germs, and chemicals and keeps you safe while you're out and about.

The mask is made with a unique filtration system that will cycle the air around you to help you breathe fresh air and filter up to 99.979% of various contaminants. The first layer includes a durable antibacterial net that catches impurities and bacteria. An activated carbon filter sterilizes and absorbs unpleasant odors that are released into the air. A HEPA filter then traps pollen, smoke, and dust, and a final layer protects you from bacterial growth by releasing negative oxygen ions. The breathable yet durable filtration system is dust-proof and useful in protecting against germs, air pollution, heavy fumes, odors, and more. Whether you're taking a trip to the grocery store to stock up on essentials, taking a stroll around a busy city street, or finally getting to the DIY coffee table painting project you've been putting off, this mask will help protect you.

The adjustable mask is constructed from medical grade silicone and ABS, with its cover comfortably fitting face shapes of all types. It comes complete with a 2-speed fan motor for ventilation and a KN95 filter. An integrated 1,000mA battery lasts up to 2 hours per session, and each order comes with a USB cable for recharging. It also features a noise rating of below 40 dB.

While the Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask is typically priced at $139, you can purchase one now for only $49.99. Ease your worries with this mighty mask.

Prices subject to change.

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