RØDE delivers what fans want: exceptional sound at a low price

RØDE delivers what fans want: exceptional sound at a low price
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RØDE created their inaugural headphones, the RØDE NTH-100s, to appeal to precisely what educated, experienced audio users want most: quality build, comfort, and of course, fantastic sound.

After decades of headphone purchases, many shoppers have become pretty savvy about what meets their demands and what doesn't. While that may sound like a tall order – and one with dozens of competitors in the jam-packed headphone market – newcomer RØDE understood the assignment, creating its NTH-100s to include just those things.

Though RØDE is new to the headphone game, they're anything but a novice firm, bringing 30 years as one of the world's top microphone makers to their first headphone project. That history informs every step of the NTH-100s, which may sneak up on many customers with its sleek, minimalist look. However, many of those same customers are knocked out once they sample these premium wired over-ear headphones at their decidedly non-premium price.

The gamechanger is the NTH-100's unique audio profile, which downplays the processing and filters that many headline headphone models use for a more true-to-life yet aurally pleasing sound. The custom-matched 40mm drivers are optimized to bring out all the detail and clarity of your audio and bring it to prominence in the sound mix. Nothing is lost, yet nothing is overpowering, allowing for an even, balanced presentation that doesn't veil the listening experience with over-accentuated bass or high-mids as so many other headphones do.

With that level of precision, it's easy to see why the NTH-100s are becoming a fast favorite of creators who want to experience the core of the music without all the tech distractions. They're ideally suited to serve as studio monitors for musicians and sound engineers or just as a cost-effective alternative to highly calibrated headphones that usually cost a lot more. Whether you're involved in music production, mixing, audio editing, podcasting, or recording on location, the mature aural experience of these headphones is a huge plus.

Meanwhile, RØDE has constructed a pair of headphones suited to some of those longer audio editing sessions. Covered in suede-like Alcantara fabric, the cushions team up with integrated CoolTech gel to help lower the temperature of the earcups and ensure maximum comfort, especially when listening time runs into overtime.

"I have high standards for headphones...very high. But these met or exceeded all of them. The cooling gel actually works, which was unbelievable. The sound is phenomenal. The build quality is also incredible," Amazon reviewer Nicolas raved.

High-quality materials and rave reviews from audiophiles precondition most shoppers to expect a premium price tag to accompany that performance. But unlike similar models that retails for upwards of $500, the RØDE NTH-100 headphones end up being a veritable steal, selling now for a surprisingly reasonable $149.

Prices are subject to change.