Rootine builds the perfect multi-nutrient: yours

Rootine builds the perfect multi-nutrient: yours
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Your body is like a car. The better you maintain it and fuel it properly, the better it will run and, ultimately, the longer it will last. Imagine you only fed your car fuel customized just for it, crafted perfectly to the roads it drives and the hills it climbs. That's a recipe for a vehicle to run its absolute best. Rootine does the same thing for your body, packing in micronutrient doses to meet your body's very specific cell health and longevity needs.

Customization is everywhere, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the music we enjoy. Yet, we often rely on over-the-counter generic one-size-fits-all supplements when it comes to our health. That doesn't make any sense when you consider that the absolute most vital thing to personalize is your health.

Rootine is the first fully personalized micronutrient to tackle that very problem. Rather than formulating a supplement keyed to address the most common physiological issues faced by the broadest possible audience of potential users, Rootine goes entirely bespoke. And it’s quite an interesting yet simple process.

Rootine feeds precise, well-rounded information about you into artificial intelligence, overseen by Rootine's team of experts, creating a unique formula for you based directly on your genetics and physiology. First, they field qualitative data from an online assessment test covering your nutrition, exercise, water consumption, and more. They then gather quantitative data from tests of your DNA and your blood vitamin and mineral levels — all easily conducted at home.

Backed by the AI-driven results, Rootine crafts the perfect supplement for each user, assembled from more than 700 trillion possible combinations. Filled with microbeads that are easier to take and hit the bloodstream more effectively than pills or capsules, a personalized formula delivers the exact dosage of major vitamins and minerals currently lacking in that person's physiological balance.

For those who have had blood work done recently or taken a DNA test via or 23andMe, you can submit those results directly without a fee. If you haven't, Rootine still has you covered with easy at-home, painless DNA and blood testing capabilities.

Then, your ultra-personalized multivitamin is shipped right to your door. Your fully customized supplement can start shoring up deficiencies and bolstering areas of strength to offer precisely what your body needs to feel and perform at its best. Even more convenient, you can track your health progress with a dashboard app that follows and displays the benefits your unique supplement offers over time.

You can be confident that your information is in very safe hands. Rootine adheres to a strict privacy standard, ensuring personal user data and biological information will never be compromised or revealed without the user's express consent.

"I started Rootine because my recovery was poor. Nutrition has always been interesting to me, but frankly, I'm too busy to dive into the research and figure out what works and what doesn't. With Rootine, I know I'm getting what I need, and recovery is much improved," business owner and Rootine devotee Richar Marton said.

New members can get started on their path to their own precision-crafted micronutrient formula just by taking the short quiz on the Rootine website. Now, users can also receive a gift ($30 value) with the purchase of their first set of Rootine multivitamins with code NEWATLAS30.