$200 bundle get you lifetime access to Rosetta Stone and MS Office

$200 bundle get you lifetime access to Rosetta Stone and MS Office
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TL;DR: Get lifetime access to both Rosetta Stone and Microsoft Office with this $199.99 deal.

With software these days often priced at a premium, you want to take advantage of opportunities to score savings. For instance, this bundle combines a Rosetta Stone subscription and a Microsoft Office Professional license for $199.99.

This software package may initially appear like an unlikely pairing, but you may want to view it from a different angle. You're essentially getting lifetime access to an award-winning language-learning app and lifetime usage rights to a suite of programs you likely already use in your day-to-day. Grasp a new language with Rosetta Stone, document notes with Microsoft Word, and use the other included MS Office apps to boost your productivity.

If you're not familiar with Rosetta Stone, it's a top-rated language-learning platform that The Wall Street Journal once touted as "the next best thing to living in a country." It uses an immersive training method to help you gain fluency in your language of choice, and have you reading, writing, and speaking it like a local at a pace that exceeds self-guided learning. It gamifies learning by asking you to match words with images and then moves on to more advanced interactive lessons where real-time speech recognition technology is at work to improve your pronunciation. With its intuitive teaching approach, you'll quickly pick up basic conversational skills like shopping and ordering, as well as intermediate skills like sharing opinions and joining discussions about pop culture.

The second part of the bundle is a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Professional, which is already self-explanatory. You'll gain permanent, unfettered access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Publisher, and Access, all of which are installable on one Windows PC for use at home or work. You'll receive software license keys and download links instantly upon purchase, so you can enjoy them right away. Free customer support is also available in case you encounter issues with any of the programs.

If you're buying both software separately, you're looking at a $518 investment. But with this limited-time deal, you can score The Rosetta Stone + Microsoft Office Lifetime Windows Bundle on sale for only $199.99.

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