Need help with your golf game? Try these smart shoe insoles

Need help with your golf game?...
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So you’ve worked endlessly on perfecting your long game, but it's just not quite there yet. You might even feel like you've tried everything short of hiring Rory McIlroy as your personal trainer, but have you given Bluetooth shoe inserts a try yet?

So, how exactly do these smart insoles work? They sound complicated, but they're actually quite simple. By analyzing body balance and foot pressure with patented pressure sensor technology, these SALTED Smart Insoles work tirelessly to measure your foot pressure, gait pattern, bodyweight imbalance, and muscle movement while you're perfecting that hole in one. Using these super-comfy lightweight EVA shoe inserts is the easiest way to identify and make small improvements to any golf faux pas you may be practicing unbeknownst.

Need to track your performance in harsh weather conditions? No sweat (literally)! They're waterproof and dust-resistant, so you'll be in the know about your toes and arches no matter what your feet endure. Simple charge them up, stick them in, and play comfortably knowing in just a short time, your shoes may help you qualify for Augusta. Or not, but at the very least, your scorecard will improve.

[SALTED GOLF] Smart Golf Advice, Master Your Golf Swing

Now for the coolest part: all of the real-time info gathered from your movement patterns is not only used to help make measurable changes to your lifestyle, but is also stored in the SALTED Golf app for Android and iOS. Using the app allows you to track and share your progress, posture, balance, and swing orbit as your back nine starts to flourish. No need to tell your pals how your game got so good. It'll stay between us golf pros for now. Just make sure you don't share your shoes.

The SALTED Smart Insoles are on sale now for $199.99, down from $229.

Prices subject to change.