Get a Sam's Club membership for only $24.99 and receive a bonus $20 coupon

Get a Sam's Club membership for only $24.99 and receive a bonus $20 coupon
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Believe it or not, a carton of eggs can cost as much as $9 in 2023. If you're tightening your belt just like everyone else, you can still offset that by getting warehouse club membership from the likes of Sam's Club. Luckily, it's half off right now, with an extra $20 coupon to boot.

Inflation is still not letting up, with prices of goods, services, and travel expected to skyrocket in the coming months. Even experts can't exactly tell when we'll all get a breather, so for now, the wise thing to do is cut back wherever and whenever you can. Essentials are not something you scrimp on, though, but a Sam's Club membership can at least help you lower your grocery bill a tad bit.

Until April 30, new members can get 64 percent off on a 1-year membership through this offer. With it, you can get your hands on quality products at prices that cannot be found in your local supermarket. From groceries and kitchen supplies to electronics and furniture to even clothing and jewelry, Sam's Club has deals on pretty much everything you may need and want. It also nets you neat discounts on hotels, rental cars, live events, attractions, movies, and a whole lot more.

If you take advantage of this offer, you'll only have to pay $24.99 for a year's worth of membership, which then automatically renews annually for $50. A complimentary household card will also be up for grab, affording you more savings from already low-priced items. What's more, you also get a $20 promo code on your next order on Sam’s Club Travel and Entertainment Platform. You can use the discount to book tickets to Six Flags, Legoland, Universal Studios, Disney World, Cirque du Soleil, and even Broadway shows and concerts.

This kind of deal doesn't come everyday, so you better act fast. Score a Sam's Club membership for only $24.99 and get a bonus $20 coupon.

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