Say goodbye to swatters and hello to this electric mosquito killer

Say goodbye to swatters and hello to this electric mosquito killer
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Replace your bug swatter with this Electric Mosquito Killer for only $20.99 (reg. $29)

What’s all the buzz about? Quite literally, it’s about this Electric Mosquito Killer, the lamp that’s designed to attract those pesky skeeters and other flying bugs and stop them in their tracks before they have a chance to take a bite out of you.

And now, you have the opportunity to purchase this lamp, with its sleek and modern look, for only $20.99 (reg. $29), and enjoy your indoor space in silence … well, at least as far as insects are concerned.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a mosquito-free zone—and given the fact that these blood-sucking nippers thrive pretty much everywhere in the world, that’s unlikely—you’ve likely experienced that annoying buzzzzzzzz seemingly right next to your ear. Even worse it tends to happen just as you’re falling asleep, so now are you not only kept awake by the irritating noise but also by the fear that this is the one that will “get” you.

Don’t lose any shut-eye on account of those bugs. Instead, add this Homemax Electric Mosquito Killer to your décor. Stylish, yet effective in ridding your space of airborne pests, this “fly trap” uses UV light to attract insects, just like bees to honey, but with more dire consequences. Once the bugs are close to the lamp they are sucked up by a powerful downward air stream and sent spiraling down to a container at the bottom, which you can then remove and discard the day’s catch as you please.

Non-toxic and chemical-free, it emits no radiation and is safe to use anywhere in the house. With coverage of up to 430 square feet, you will be able to goodbye to swatters, bug sprays, and especially to slapping yourself silly while you’re inside.

On sale now for only $20.99 (reg. $29), this is an investment that will literally save your skin. You may want to consider getting a few for all those rooms in your house.

Prices subject to change.