Score an eSIM with $50 data credit for just $22

Score an eSIM with $50 data credit for just $22
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TL;DR: Enjoy consistent access to the internet anytime, anywhere, with this lifetime eSIM from aloSIM. Equipped with $50 in data credits, it's on sale for only $21.97 (reg. $50) until September 24.

Want consistent access to data overseas without having to pay exorbitant roaming fees? aloSIM has you covered. You can get this lifetime eSIM with $50 of data credit for just $21.97 through September 24.

It can get frustrating to obtain access to the internet when you're away from your home turf. You either have to rely on public WiFi that may or may not be secure, or pay hefty fees on pocket WiFi rentals. Another option is to buy daily data packages from your mobile service provider, but that $5 to $10 a day can quickly add up, especially if you're embarking on a lengthy trip.

While you can always buy a physical SIM card at your destination, switching every single time can be a hassle. An eSIM like the aloSIM allows for added flexibility, offering data in over 170 countries. You can select data packages depending on your travel needs and plans cost as little as $4.50 and last seven days. To illustrate, there's a 1GB data package for Italy that's valid for an entire week. Heading to Japan? aloSIM offers a 10GB package good for 30 days for only $20.

If you run out of data midway through your trip, you can always top up via the accompanying app. The eSIM also never expires, although the data does once it reaches the point of validity. But given how the data plans are affordable, they're still the more cost-effective option compared to usual roaming packages offered by telcos.

Upon purchasing the voucher, select a package and install the eSIM a day or two before you fly out. We recommend installing aloSIM before your departure, as airport WiFi can be laggy. Once you arrive at your destination, activate the package to gain access to the data.

It's no surprise why SaltWire raved, "[This] Canadian eSIM app [is]changing the way people use their phones on vacation."

Stay connected abroad with this affordable data option.

Until September 24 at 11:59pm Pacific, get aloSIM and $50 of data credits for just $21.97. No coupon required.

Prices subject to change.