Scrivener 3 helps you unlock your writing potential, now only $30

Scrivener 3 helps you unlock your writing potential, now only $30
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TL;DR: Packed with an array of features, Scrivener 3 empowers writers to efficiently bring their ideas to life while maintaining an organized and focused workflow, and is on sale during our Deal Days Campaign for $29.99 (reg. $59).

If you're tired of wrestling with clunky word processors or drowning in a sea of disorganized files, then it's time to meet your new writing companion— Scrivener 3, the award-winning app for writers, now on sale during our version of Prime Day!

Scrivener 3 is like a magical filing cabinet for your ideas. No more shuffling through folders and scrolling endlessly to find that one paragraph you wrote months ago. You can effortlessly organize your research materials, character sketches, plot outlines, and everything else that fuels your writing process. It's like having a personal assistant who keeps all your writing essentials at your fingertips.

Designed for writers of all types, Scrivener 3 understands that creativity can strike at any moment. It offers a distraction-free writing mode that takes you into the zone. No more pesky notifications or tempting internet rabbit holes to derail your progress.

This app makes it incredibly easy to keep your thoughts organized as you write. You can create virtual index cards for each scene or chapter, rearrange them with a simple drag-and-drop, and see your story structure come to life. It's like being a master architect, building your literary masterpiece one card at a time.

Scrivener 3 also lets you export your writing into various file types, such as Word documents, PDFs, or even e-books. You can customize the formatting, set up styles, and ensure that your final product looks exactly the way you envision it.

So, whether you're a novelist, screenwriter, academic, or any kind of writer looking to level up your game, Scrivener 3 has got your back. With these, and so many other amazing features, including seamless integration with research materials, versatile tools for revision including text-to-speech live reading, a built-in thesaurus, and inline annotations, it is the ultimate writing companion that helps your creativity to truly flourish!

Since it’s a digital product, you will be able to access all that this amazing writing tool offers as soon as you receive the download link. You can then use the program for as long as it’s supported. However, should you wish to upgrade if/when Scrivener 4 is launched there will be an additional fee.

During our Deal Days Campaign, Scrivener 3 is available for half the price, no coupon required. Get:

  • Scrivener 3 for Mac, on sale for $29.99 (reg. $59.99)
  • Scrivener 3 for Windows, on sale for $29.99 (reg. $59.99)

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