Carve out some love when gifting this 8-knife set this season

Carve out some love when gifting this 8-knife set this season
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Gift the chef in your life something special this season—an eight-piece knife set from Seido. This master-crafted set typically retails for $399, but you can save 67% off it this holiday season.

High-carbon steel and polished wooden handles make for a high-quality, attractive gift that home cooks and pros alike will appreciate with daily use. The handmade Japanese style makes these knives a dream to work with, and the ergonomic Pakka handle is designed to be gripped with confidence. The distinctly-edged Damascus etched blades are honed to a sharp 15-degree angle for precise cuts. This is the secret to their sharpness—other knives are only cut to a 25-degree edge.

The assortment of eight knives addresses every part of the meal for effortless chopping and trimming. The cleaver, boning knife, and paring knife make cooking up a Thanksgiving meal a snap. Cut up a side of crusty french bread with the serrated bread knife for a complete spread as you replicate your favorite recipe.

Herbivores rejoice! This knife set is not just for meat-lovers. Included in the set are two Santoku knives—five inches and seven inches in length—made for chopping fruits and veggies. With a Granton edge, the Santoku is designed to let food fall away rather than sticking to the blade. Paired with the eight-inch chef and slicing knives, you've got the tools necessary to whip up that garden delight dinner.

When you have the right tools, the job simply gets easier. That's what 20,000 users of the Seido knives know, putting their sets to work both for home use and professional kitchen work.

Having chef-quality knives in the kitchen knife block usually comes with a high expense, but with 67% off the Seido eight-knife set, you can bring the traditional craftsmanship Japanese knife makers are known for to your or a loved one's countertop for just $129.99.

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