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If you replaced your home’s old incandescent lightbulbs with fluorescents a while back, then they’re probably nearing the end of their life span. Fortunately, LED lightbulbs are all the rage now, and they offer lighting that’s just as bright as fluorescent bulbs while lasting longer and using less power. Plus with these smart bulbs, you can control your lighting from absolutely anywhere.

We've lined up 5 deals on smart LED lighting solutions that'll allow you to control the brightness and intensity of your lighting with voice commands or from your phone.

iHaper E26 Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb Socket

If your current bulbs have a few more years of life left, there’s no need to upgrade, but with this nifty $11.97 iHaper Bulb Socket, you can still turn your current lightbulb into a fully-functioning smart bulb. Just insert a bulb into the socket and screw it into your fixture, and you'll be able to control your lighting directly through Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. If you connect the iHaper Bulb Socket to the Apple Home Toolkit, you can use the companion app to control multiple bulbs simultaneously and set automatic timers to shut them on and off while you’re not home.

iHaper DL1 Smart Desk Lamp

This deal is for all of you avid readers out there. With the $64.99 iHaper Desk Lamp, you can use the Apple Home app to adjust the brightness with voice commands so you’ll never have to lose focus on your work. The lights consist of high-quality LED beads and emit no stroboscopic or blue light, making it the ideal reading and studying light. Finally, this desk lamp features a detachable flashlight that’ll come in handy during emergencies.

iHaper B2 E26 Smart LED Light Bulb

If all you need are bright white LED bulbs to give your home a makeover, then these $15.97 Smart Bulbs by iHaper are the perfect value. They offer all of the smart features found in the iHaper Light Bulb Socket while including their own 3,000K lumen bulbs.

Color PAR30 Spot Smart Light Bulb

Different color temperatures are suited for different times of the day. Unfortunately, the aforementioned lighting solutions don’t have adjustable wide color temperature ranges. If you want to achieve the perfect mood lighting, then you should outfit your home with these $42.99 Color PAR30 Spot Smart Light Bulbs. You can control one or many PAR30 bulbs from your smartphone via Bluetooth and adjust your color temperature between 2,000K and 8,000K. The companion app even allows you to adjust between millions of RGB lighting options to color your living space.

Massimo Color Changing Light Bulb: 4-Pack

If you’re looking for a large-scale RGB lighting overhaul, this four-pack of Massimo Color Changing Lightbulbs will be your best value at $18.99. This pack comes with a remote that allows you to cycle between 16 different colors as well as unique lighting effects such as cycling, fading, strobing, and flashing. This makes the Massimo light bulb pack the perfect way to light up your parties.

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