This retractable glove keeps you healthy while on the go

This retractable glove keeps y...
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Since health is the top priority with most individuals these days, we all are constantly searching for ways to help keep ourselves healthy and germ-free. The Snapback Glove offers a convenient solution to one of the most most common germ run-ins that can easily be carried anywhere you go, preventing you from touching various surfaces with your bare hands.

Price-dropped to only $28, the Snapback Glove assists in avoiding any surface that may contain pathogens that may cause illness. The glove is constructed with sturdy WaveStopper fabric and 70% SilverFlex fibers that contain antiviral and antimicrobial properties and help in keeping the glove — and your hands — clean and germ-free. An entry hole, complete with thumb placement, is optimized to seamlessly slip onto your hand, allowing for comfortable gripping while picking up objects or opening doors.

A hassle-free retractable clip with automatic snapback is attached to the glove, permitting for secure attachment to any belt loop, bag, or backpack while on the go. Take it with you while shopping for groceries, using the elevator, when walking your dog, while picking up your mail, and anywhere else you may need to go in public or at home. The eco-friendly glove is made in the USA and can be easily placed into the washing machine (with the reel detached) when the time comes. With the ability to be used time and time again, the reusable accessory provides a great alternative to one-time use plastic gloves.

While the Snapback Glove is typically valued at $37, you can purchase your glove today for just $28 (that's 24% off). Ease your worries about touching germ-filled surfaces with this simple, yet mighty essential helper and take this product with you wherever you go.

Prices subject to change.