Spark your kids' creativity and curiosity with the STEM Starter Bundle

Spark your kids' creativity and curiosity with the STEM Starter Bundle
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Busy hands are happy hands, but more importantly, when they are the hands of children, busy hands make happy parents. This STEM Starter Bundle will not only keep everyone happy but also foster your kiddos’ creativity and spark their curiosity.

It may be a struggle these days to keep your little ones off the screen and into activities that are more meaningful, so the key is in finding something that will pique their interest. Both the Robotic and Curiosity Kits included in this bundle are sure to fit the bill. Not only will your tykes enjoy themselves, but they'll learn to solve problems, develop their fine motor skills, nurture their creativity and imagination, and build self-esteem and confidence … all without even realizing it!

The Robotic Kit, recommended for children ages 7 to 10, can help put your kids on the road to art, science, and robotics. It includes all that is needed to design and develop fun, educational, and artistic projects that will have your little ones ready for the 21st century. It's LEGO-compatible and best suited for children ages 5 to 8. The bundle features a plethora of materials to help build projects using robotic technologies, encouraging your child to learn as they play, ultimately fostering ingenuity and analytical skills.

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Both of these kits are STEM toys. Beyond the benefits listed above, by merging science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into an enjoyable pastime, these toys help kids develop useful skills that will enhance their overall development and prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Winner of the Bett Awards 2020 and Silver Winner of Play for Change Awards 2020, this STEM Starter Bundle is the perfect gift for any child, whether they’ve already shown an interest in design and technology, or are just being introduced to this exciting new world. Regularly valued at $119, it is available now for $79.99. Make learning fun with these sets of electronic modules and craft materials.

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