Surprise mom on Mother's Day with two dozen roses delivered to her door for $40

Surprise mom on Mother's Day with two dozen roses delivered to her door for $40
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In reality, every day should be Mother’s Day. Come this May 8th, show how much you appreciate your Mom with a bouquet of elegant roses, delivered free to her door using coupon code SHIP4FREE.

Back in your younger years, it mattered not what gift you gave Mom. Whether it was the macaroni picture frame, the coupons promising you would clean your room, the necklace you made with the shells you found on the beach or the card you designed using only fingerpaint, they were special to her. It is also very possible she still has some of those treasures tucked away somewhere. But now that you’re all grown you can truly express your love and gratitude for the woman who raised you and continues to support you. And few things say that better than roses.

Sending roses (and red ones in particular) has been a time-honored manner of saying “I love you.” Each color has its own symbolism with orange denoting energy and enthusiasm, cream representing charm and thoughtfulness, pink conveying grace and sweetness; the list goes on. Rose Farmers™ is offering two different promotions, either of which will bring a smile to Mom’s face.

You can surprise Mom with two dozen long-stem roses in two different colors—12 of each—selected by Rose Farmers™ for $39.99. For $64.99 you can upgrade to have one dozen red roses and the second dozen in your choice of red, cream dazzler, or orange citrus delivered in a beautiful glass vase. No matter which you choose, the flowers will be delivered directly to Mom’s door, anywhere within the 48 US continental states. Note, however, that there are no Sunday deliveries and we recommended that you pick a date one to two days before Mother’s Day in case of a potential carrier delay.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a digital voucher that must be redeemed on the Rose Farmer's website in order for your flowers to ship. And remember, delivery is free with coupon code SHIP4FREE. Happy Mother’s Day!

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