Practice your golf swing while donating to a good cause

Practice your golf swing while donating to a good cause
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Summer will soon be over. That means two things. School will be starting and potentially the end of your golf season. With this home golf simulator, not only can you extend the latter, but you can help our education system with your purchase.

The SwingLogic SLX is a full 4K home golf simulator that enables you to practice your golf swing in the comfort of your home no matter what the weather outside. So while you are working on lowering your handicap, you can feel good knowing that you are also helping to fund schools with much-needed supplies and support to ensure our kids get the best education possible.

Rated 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon, SwingLogic SLX uses a small, lightweight sensor that is mounted to the included smart stick or to your own club to measure shot data. The E6 Connect software integration gives you a 3D swing analysis, plus you will be able to virtually practice at some of the most famous courses in the world with expanded content. Adjust the settings to simulate various conditions, such as wind speed and green speeds, and you’ll be able to experience golfing with real-life scenarios.

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Great for all ages and all levels, this home golf micro-simulator is available during our Back to Education Event for only $189. Again, by buying the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim not only will you be able to work on correcting your hooks and slices and impress your golf buddies next time you’re out on the real course, but you will be reinvesting in our nation’s education system. For every purchase made, we will donate $0.50 per unit sold to a school or charity. You will then receive an email asking you to vote for your favorite. When the promotion concludes, you'll get another email announcing the school/charity chosen to receive our donation.

So take advantage of this offer and do something fun for yourself and good for our schools. But hurry, this promotion closes on August 24th.

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