• Not all golfers enjoy pushing or pulling a trolley around for hours, which is why there are now powered models that move on their own. A new one, known as the S-Walk, actually keeps pace with its user as they walk across the greens.
  • ​​It's a game of fine margins, so there's little wonder there are so many technological solutions aimed at giving golfers of all levels a helping hand. The latest is a new putter from TaylorMade built to shave shots off your game by using a sensor to measure your form on the green.
  • ​​Hovercrafts, scooters, skateboards and jetpacks. We've seen some pretty out-there ideas when it comes to how golfers can make their way across the links. A new electrified pushbike might not be the most exciting of the bunch, but it may have practicality on its side.
  • ​Garmin has today launched a new wearable that carries a lot of the functionality you might expect from a smartwatch, but doubles as a golf tracker to offer useful insights into your game such as course maps and shot-tracking.
  • Golfers have a growing number of gadgets to pick from to help them improve their game, and new to the range is the Approach G30 from Garmin, a handheld accessory with built-in GPS that can help players weigh up courses and track their stats.
  • Golf club memberships are expensive, and people in areas where it gets really cold are unable to play for a huge chunk of the year. One way to get around the problem could be simple simulations like R-Motion, which relies on a small clip attached to the shaft of the club.
  • Anyone who's tried to play the perfect 18 holes will know it's easy to go from a slice to a hook with just one small tweak, so data about what you're doing can be invaluable in improving. Iofit is hoping its shoes are the answer, analyzing your balance to work on your swing "from the ground up."
  • In 2013, pro golfer Bubba Watson, along with Oakley and Neoteric Hovercraft, designed a Golf Cart Hovercraft that glides across greens, bunkers and water traps. Now with the help of Martin Aircraft, the team has taken to the skies with the Golf Cart Jetpack.
  • Back in 2013, Mercedes showed the world what a three-pointed star-badged golf cart of the future might look like with the Vision Golf Cart. Well, the (near) future is here and Mercedes has teamed up with Scandinavian "golf car" manufacturer Garia to make the Mercedes golf cart a reality.
  • If you're a Londoner, you're likely pretty used to seeing some odd things in Trafalgar Square. Now, a new project is looking to transform the famous landmark into a colorful crazy golf course featuring designs from renowned artists, designers and architects.
  • With its vast open spaces a golf course might just be the ideal location to put drone technology to the test. Japanese online shopping giant Rakuten is kicking off its drone delivery service next month, where it will drop off balls and snacks to golfers throughout their rounds.​​
  • In a bid to better guide players of all abilities as they navigate the course, Garmin has extended its already considerable range of golfing gadgets to include a new shot-tracking watch, a swing monitoring sensor and a GPS device small enough to clip discreetly onto your belt. ​​
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