Garmin has today launched a new wearable that carries a lot of the functionality you might expect from a smartwatch, but doubles as a golf tracker to offer useful insights into your game such as course maps and shot-tracking.

The Approach S60 is a GPS-equipped watch with a color touchscreen that connects to Garmin's Connect mobile app to track daily activities. This includes counting steps and calories burned, distance covered and how much sleep you're getting, plus it gives users a nudge throughout the day to keep them active. It also receives texts, calls and emails from a connected phone.

On the golf side of things, the Approach S60 comes pre-loaded with 40,000 courses from around the world. This allows users access to course maps, distances to the greens and hazards, and it lets them setup virtual leaderboards and tournaments with friends. What is really cool about the watch is that it will automatically track your shots by picking up where you are taking your swings. With this location data, it can record how far you are hitting the ball, and it will and even measure things like upswing and downswing tempo.

This data is uploaded to the app so you can analyze your game at the end of the round and work towards a more consistent swing. There is a caveat, however, with Garmin noting that softer shots like putts and some chips won't be detected.

The battery is rated for 10 hours of use in golf mode, and 10 days of use in regular watch mode. Coming in either black or white, the Approach S60 will be available in June for a recommended retail price of US$400, while a premium version with a black leather band and scratch-resistant bezel will set you back $500.

Source: Garmin