It's a game of fine margins, so there's little wonder there are so many technological solutions aimed at giving golfers of all levels a helping hand. The latest is a sensor-packing putter from TaylorMade that's built to shave shots off your game by measuring your form on the green and guiding you toward a better technique.

Called the Spider Interactive, the putter is a sensor-equipped version of the regular ol' Spider putter, which TaylorMade describes as its most popular model. That means the same stainless steel frame and lightweight aluminum body, but hidden away inside the grip is a motion capture sensor that works with a companion smartphone app to analyze your strokes.

The metrics the Spider Interactive putter can record include backstroke time, forward stroke time, tempo, impact speed and the rotation of the club face. These are all logged in the app and can be viewed as historical and interactive graphs, allowing users to track their progress over time.

This app is also loaded with training modules and drills designed to improve the user's putting, and comes with a built-in video recording feature made specifically for reviewing and analyzing strokes.

Available from March 23, the Spider Interactive putter will cost US$399, a price that includes a wireless charging pad for the removable sensor along with a storage pouch.

Source: TaylorMade

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