For 3 days only, get this discreet TOKK™ CAM C2+ camera for under $50

For 3 days only, get this discreet TOKK™ CAM C2+ camera for under $50
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With this portable Wi-Fi camera, you can instantly stream and/or record crystal clear video in hi-res. Use it as a security camera or as a dash cam in your car. And with a built-in mic, you can pick up high-quality sound in any situation.

If there’s some covert operation you’re looking to uncover, this tiny gadget can be hidden on your body undetectable by those around you. If you want to ensure that you have all the evidence you need in that fender bender you were involved in, you may want to install this on your dash. If you want to keep an eye on the shenanigans your teenagers get up to while you’re away for the weekend, you may want to hide this in the clock on the mantle. Whatever your reasons, know that the “proof” you come away with will be displayed in crystal clear 1280x720P resolution, along with high-quality sound.

TOKK Cam C2+

This TOKK™ CAM C2+ is lightweight and runs up to 90 minutes on a full charge. It’s compatible with most iPhone and Android models and magnetically attaches to all metal surfaces. A magnetic pad, magnetic rotation mount, and a USB cable are included. With auto night vision together with motion detection, it’s sure to meet all your surveillance needs while staying inconspicuous day or night. You can save your photos or video to the included 30-day Cloud option, or keep your footage on file using a 64GB Micro SD.

So whatever your needs for a camera that’s oh-so-small yet packs a quality punch, this TOKK™ CAM C2+ should satisfy them. During our Winter Savings event, you can purchase this portable, ultra-compact camera for the low price of $48.79 using our promo code WINTER20. That’s more than 45% off the suggested retail price. And if you’re looking to save on some other fabulous items, check out all that’s on sale during our special campaign … but hurry. These deals are available only until December 15th.

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