Save over $75 on these Indiegogo-funded portable laptop monitors

Save over $75 on these Indiegogo-funded portable laptop monitors
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If you have limited space for an extra monitor on your desk or like to change up your working location, the Mobile Pixels TRIO is for you. This nifty device triples your laptop screens, and it's now over $75 off.

While additional monitors can cost outrageously high prices, this in-demand device won't break the bank. Successfully funded on IndieGoGo and featured on Wired, Geeky Gadgets, Buzzfeed, and more, the top-rated TRIO from Mobile Pixels is designed for anyone that needs to save space or works on the go. The game-changing portable multi-screens can be taken with you everywhere, making it the perfect laptop accessory for professional or personal use alike. Boosting productivity levels by up to 50%, this convenient monitor trio gives your laptop extra screen space for all your latest projects — all with a focus on efficiency.

Learn more about the Mobile Pixels TRIO here:

TRIO - Portable Dual & Triple Screen Laptop Monitor

Each screen boasts a 12.6" display with 1080p resolution. Its plug-and-play construction comes complete with 180° rotation to use for high-quality presentations. Its lightweight design also contains dual-sided sliding and lets you have various options while you work.

Simple construction allows for easy installation to any 13" to 14" Mac, Windows, Chrome, or Linux laptop. Attach the metal adhesive plates to your computer to clip the device in place, plug in its included USB cable, and slide out the screen to adjust it to your preferred angle. It's that easy. Plus, it's energy-efficient, saving you money on electric bills and making it a more eco-friendly alternative. Your productivity levels will soon rise to new heights, and you'll be ready to work from anywhere your heart desires, all while saving space, energy, and time.

Regularly priced at $500, the Mobile Pixels TRIO can be purchased today for $76 off with code SCREEN285 at checkout. But hurry, this offer is available for a limited time only.

Prices subject to change.