Bring the golf course to you and save over $150 for Green Monday

Bring the golf course to you and save over $150 for Green Monday
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Are you a golf enthusiast who's been craving more time at the driving range or looking for family activities during the holidays? TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator may be your solution. Plus, it’s now an extra 20% off with code GREEN20 for Green Monday.

Paired with intuitive E6 CONNECT software, TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator brings the glory of golf straight into your living room. The device is interactive and compatible with all levels of expertise. It houses 97 golf courses and mini-games, bringing plenty of practice time to avid golfers or fun entertainment for the casual golfer. With a simple app that downloads to any smartphone or tablet, the in-demand game can be screen mirrored to any monitor or smart TV, making it the perfect interactive package to play at home or while visiting family. The realistic simulation backdrops include various 3D-rendered versions of landscapes and world-famous golf courses — all without ever having to leave your space. There are also plenty of carefree range games like Carnival and Demolition Driving Range for the less competitive days.

With an easy-to-use weighted swing trainer stick included with the kit, you'll be able to perfect your swing — minus the hassle of losing balls or accidentally breaking any windows. The TruGolf Mini sensor also gathers critical data in real-time, helping you perfect your swings and learn more about them. With four essential swings captured, check club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and club path, all your moves will be tracked and help you improve your form with time and practice.

Whether you're looking for gift ideas, family game night activities, or practice for becoming a pro golfer, TruGolf Mini will pass inspection. Typically priced at $399, you can purchase the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator today for only $239.20 with code GREEN20. Keep up your never-ending pursuit of golf perfection and start achieving precise shots from the comfort of your home.

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