There are a million reasons you should buy this puzzle

There are a million reasons you should buy this puzzle
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Who wants to be a millionaire? No trivia questions. No lifelines. Simply complete this puzzle and you could be the winner of anywhere from one dollar to a cool million.

True the finished product is not an image of cute puppies, a stunning landscape, or your dream destination … it’s just a QR code. But perhaps we use “just” a little lightly. By scanning this QR code, you could end up with enough money to buy yourself a whole litter of pups, board a plane to experience the land you so want to see, or turn any number of your reveries into a reality.

During our version of Prime Day, we are offering this 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for a mere $24.99, two of them for $49.99, or four of them for $99.99. Why purchase more than one, you may ask? The reason is quite simple. There is not only a single million to be won, but two one million dollar prizes up for grabs. So you could opt to share the wealth and keep one for yourself, and give the others away (Christmas is just around the corner, after all!) or you keep them all yourself and perhaps Lady Luck will shine upon you twice!

No matter what you decide, know that everyone is a winner. Complete the 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, and after you have scanned the QR code, a notification will appear, letting you know what you’ve won—anywhere from a buck to one million of them. Then simply wait for the money to roll in.

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