Build up your 2D CAD and drafting skills for only $18 with this online training

Build up your 2D CAD and draft...
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Every time you see a beautiful sports car, artsy building, or nifty gadget, take the time to appreciate the work a 3D model artist put into it. In fact, if you’ve seen a design that’s inspired you to become a designer yourself, then you can learn how to design 3D models with this $18 course.

The Ultimate AutoCAD Training Bundle features three courses on how to use this powerful software to create stunning 2D and 3D models. This is an effective way for beginners to learn how to set up AutoCAD and navigate the user interface while also providing tips for seasoned professionals to optimize their workflow.

Perhaps you’ll become this generation’s greatest car designer or architect. All you need is the Ultimate AutoCAD Training Bundle to get started. You can find it on sale for $19.99 on New Atlas Deals, plus get an additional 20% off with offer code 20LEARN20 to snag it for just $19

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