Pre-Black Friday: Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS robotics developer bundle

Pre-Black Friday: Ultimate Ras...
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Here we are in the digital age. If you're reading this, congrats! You know how to use a computer (unless you've printed the site page for your grandmother to read tangibly, in which case this may not be for her). Have you ever wondered what goes into putting the world wide web into action? Ever find the burning desire to learn all the acronyms your local computer mechanic throws at you when you're just trying to get your keyboard fixed? It's been a hectic year, and while baking bread has been fun for you (but no so much for your scale) it's time to crack your knuckles and delve deep into new hobbies like tinkering with tinker boards and creating apps with ease. Get The Ultimate Raspberry Pi & ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle to boost your knowledge.

Raspberry Pi, which is just a credit-card sized computer, allows beginners and experts alike to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. This bundle not only teaches you the ins and outs of programming Raspberry Pi, but also how to migrate ROS projects, build your own dustbin, how to navigate ZIgbee, NodeMCU, and even how to build your own GPS and smart security camera. The ROS lessons will help you understand differences between ROS1 and ROS2, as well as how to create, build, run, and debug your ROS program. With over 400 lessons and 15 courses, that "Have you tried unplugging and plugging it back in?" skillset will be buffed up with some serious tools to make even the most experienced computer engineers shake in their boots. The best part? This gives you lifetime access, which means you can work on completing it today, tomorrow, or whenever it is that we finally get to start going back to work again.

Get The Ultimate Raspberry Pi & ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle for $49.99 (Reg. $2391) with Pre-Black Friday promo code SAVE15NOV, which will save you 15% on products sitewide, for a limited time.

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