Make cybersecurity a priority with VeePN and take 81% off

Make cybersecurity a priority with VeePN and take 81% off
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Whether you're working from home or just surfing the web while self-isolating, keeping your online information secure is more critical than ever. VeePN, an all-in-one online security solution, brings you a 3-year cybersecurity subscription that allows you to take control of your digital life, wherever you may be.

With working from home becoming the new norm, experts are advocating for the usage of secure VPN servers. As more hackers are starting to pop up, personal and professional online security is more vital than ever. Boasting a top-notch security reputation that has been described as the "Fort Knox" for your privacy and digital assets, VeePN has stepped up to the plate to protect your online presence.

With over 2,500 secure servers around the globe, VeePN provides you with bank-level, military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Access to 48 locations and seamless server switching without any impact on connectivity allows for speedy correspondence that keeps your data private and safe. Its no-logging policy will enable you to browse incognito — a feature many times lacking in some VPNs — on any website, without limitations. Features also include unlimited speed and bandwidth with no geographic restrictions, a DNS Leak prevention feature to curb any possibility of identity theft, glitch-free content viewing access across all borders, and so much more. You'll even get 24/7 access to a dedicated support team, allowing you to work and browse at ease wherever you are without leaving your data exposed.

Access to a three-year subscription to VeePN is usually priced at $140, but, for a limited time, you can get access for only $25.99. Your at-home online privacy and security during these uncertain times should come first, and, with this top-rated solution, you'll be able to make this priority a reality.

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