This odor eliminator will help you breathe easier this spring

This odor eliminator will help you breathe easier this spring
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If your home smells less like grandma's cookies and more of a mixture of last night's dinner, and cat litter, it's time to make amends to your nostrils. VentiFresh Plus is an odor eliminator that can banish all that funk, and you can get it on sale just in time for spring.

Home may be where the heart is, but sometimes, it can also be home to unwelcome smells. VentiFresh Plus can help you breathe easily again with its ability to eliminate stench and clear the air. As part of our Spring Refresh campaign, you can get your hands on one for $25 off.

Just how robust this odor eliminator is, you ask? It just so happens to be equipped with the same technology NASA uses in the International Space Station. It comes packed with a UV catalyst core that decomposes odor through the process of natural photosynthesis. The result? Cleaner air that won't make you welch after a deep breath.

But apart from equipping your home with cool space technology, Ventifresh Plus is also capable of annihilating odors and germs from cat litter, shoes, food, and the microbes that come with them. Thanks to the device's portable design, simply place it anywhere that needs deodorizing, plug it in via the micro USB cable included, and let it do its job. You can use it from room to room, whether it's your bedroom, kitchen, closet, or home office.

VentiFresh ECO - Next Generation Odor Eliminator

You can toggle between Stand By, Turbo, and Quiet modes depending on how pressing your funky situation is. Use Quiet mode for minimal fan noise, Stand By if you want to activate its calming mood light, and Turbo if you want it to work 30 percent faster, aka when the stench is at its strongest.

The VentiFresh Plus normally retails for $84, but you can grab it on sale for $58.99 for a limited time.

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