A portable home theater experience for under $300 – no Prime Day needed

A portable home theater experience for under $300 – no Prime Day needed
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If you have been putting off turning your spare room into a home theatre because of the cost, there is no more excuse. Thanks to our Deal Days sale, you can purchase both this Wemax Go Projector and the 40" Portable Screen for under $300.

Oh, you could try waiting for Amazon’s Prime Sale, but we can almost guarantee that they are not going to be bundling these two awesome pieces together, and certainly not at this price. Plus you’re going to have to sit tight for several months, so why not take advantage of this and other valuable deals with our own version of Prime Day right now?

Having the capability to set up an instant theater experience is not only exciting, but it’s also practical and convenient. The Wemax Go Projector along with the portable screen is a duo that can bring friends and family together like never before. Whether you want to catch the latest blockbuster, relive memories through home movies, or immerse yourself in the music of your favorite artist, you’re going to appreciate the experience, even more, when watching from the comfort of your own space with equipment that will provide crystal-clear picture projection. Add in your own surround sound speakers and you’ll truly make it an occasion to remember.

What makes this dynamic duo even more attractive is that they are both fully portable. Put it up, enjoy it, and then take it down—anywhere that’s convenient for you (even when you're in the backyard or out camping!). The Wemax Go Projector features patented ALPD® Laser Technology that gives you cinema-grade imaging, yet is small enough to fit into your pocket. It offers full connectivity with an HDMI port, built-in Wi-Fi, USB, and a Type-C port, as well as built-in Wi-Fi. The freestanding, retractable max white fabric screen is ultra-light and provides premium viewing.

So grab your popcorn, relax in your favorite chair, and roll ‘em! This pair is now available to you during our Deal Days sale for only $299.99—a deal you’re unlikely to find anywhere else on the internet and cheaper than purchasing each product separately from our shop. Buy it for yourself, or buy it for a friend. But don’t hesitate. This offer is only available until October 12th at 11:59pm.

Prices subject to change