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There are plenty of things to love about a clear night around a campfire: the serenity, the friends, the stars, just to name a few. That being said, there's only one thing we absolutely, without a doubt, unanimously dislike about the great outdoors: mosquitoes. You could wait for geneticists to solve the problem. Or you could pick up a Wizap™ Cage 360° 3-in-1 Mosquito Trap.

Not only does it look slick with its copper-effect upper grille and rounded curves, but the Wizap also uses ninja-like camouflage as its ace in the hole. By using CO₂ emanation and ultraviolet lamps to mimic human attraction, the mosquitos only think they're coming to take a bite when they are instead sucked into the 1800 RPM fan vortex and killed instantly thanks to the interior 360 ° electric grid. One or two mosquitos jail break out of the vortex? No worries, a central tube is there to carry them away to the receptacle placed at the bottom of the trap. Not just for run of the mill mosquitos, the Wizap also nabs dangerous tiger mosquitoes, midges, wasps, and flies.

Though the trap is small in stature — 5.1" x 9.8" — and quiet in operation — <30db — it's still powerful enough to cover 322.9 square feet. You might even enjoy the futuristic effect of the light as it operates.

The Wizap™ Cage 360° 3-in-1 Mosquito Trap, which also includes the AC adapter and manual, is usually priced at $99, but it can be yours for $59.99, a savings of 40%.

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