Time to hire smarter, thanks to ZipRecruiter

Time to hire smarter, thanks to ZipRecruiter
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Inflation is a word no one wants to hear, especially if you're a small business owner. With inflation at a nearly 40-year high this summer and unemployment low, ZipRecruiter is an easy way to ensure those you hire are the right fit.

With more than a decade of getting worker-starved companies in touch with eager job candidates, ZipRecruiter's own resume speaks for itself. It’s responsible for posting over 9 million active jobs at any given time for more than 2.8 million employers.

As you'd expect from metrics like those, ZipRecruiter isn't guessing when it comes to filling job vacancies. Instead, its reputation comes from years of boots-on-the-ground work with small- to medium-sized businesses and scores of job seekers. From those billions of interactions, ZipRecruiter's artificial intelligence assesses every candidate for compatibility, even steering and encouraging the best available candidates to check out a posting and submit an application.

As resumes flood in, business managers can quickly grade each applicant ZipRecruiter sends their way, further refining the hiring algorithm so even better potential matches are served up next. With all that customization working for each posting, a company will start to see smarter hiring completed in less time with ZipRecruiter, all right through their own easy-to-navigate hiring dashboard.

"(ZipRecruiter is) easy to use, has a simple application procedure, and is really cost effective when compared to other platforms," ZipRecruiter client Chanpreet said. "The one-click feature is the best, saving you a lot of time."

For any small- to medium-sized business ready to up its hiring game, ZipRecruiter has three service levels primed to each company's hiring needs.

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