Dell’s all-in-one Studio One 19 PC with multi-touch

Dell’s all-in-one Studio One 1...
The all-in-one Dell Studio One 19
The all-in-one Dell Studio One 19
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The all-in-one Dell Studio One 19
The all-in-one Dell Studio One 19

March 13, 2009 Dell has embraced the migration of the PC from the study with their new all-in-one Studio One 19 system that is designed to be as home in the living room or kitchen as it is in the study. The new system comes in a variety of colors and features optional multi-touch capabilities.

In the hardware department the unit is available in a range of configurations including your choice of Intel Celeron, Dual Core Celeron, Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, and Core 2 Quad Core Processor either nVidia GeForce 9200 or GeForce 9400 integrated graphics and up to 4GB of RAM. Hard drives are available in capacities up to 750GB with a slot load optical drive, six USB ports and 7-in-1 media card reader also included.

There is also the option of facial recognition security with the optional webcam with integrated wireless, Blu-ray and multi-touch capability rounding out the optional extras. To keep things neat and tidy the unit has a single power cord and Dell has built the unit with aluminum, glass and fabric that is designed to be put on show instead of hidden away.

Dell is also offering a range of optional software to take advantage of the Studio One 19’s multi-touch capabilities for tasks such as photo-editing, slideshow creation, playlist compilation, web browsing, music creation, video recording and uploading and even finger painting.

Japan will be the first to get the new Studio One 19 from March 19, getting a head start on other countries who will have to wait until later this spring. The starting price for the Studio One 19 is USD$699.

Darren Quick

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