Dell has added to its Vostro range with the V13 small business laptop that, at 13.3 inches, is a convenient size between a netbook and a full-size notebook. Dell says that while this new-size laptop might be lighter, it’s still a heavyweight when it comes to laptop grunt. The company is targeting this new computer at “mobile entrepreneurs”. And with a starting price of around US$449, it might make an entrepreneur out of all of us.

The V13, like other Vostro models, is backed by small-business sales and support experts, comes with a 30-day return policy, and many customizable service and support solutions designed specifically for small business-owners.

The Vostro V13 is 0.65 inches (16.5mm) thick and weighs around 3.5lbs (1.59kg). It is equipped with ultra-low-voltage Intel (ULV) processors for energy efficiency and ample power for everyday computing, and is encased in high-quality brushed aluminum with reinforced zinc hinges ideal for travelers.

Dell says its Vostro V13 has the same pedigree as other Vostro laptops and is equipped with the right features to complete on-the-go business tasks to enable small businesses to save time and money. It features an integrated webcam and microphone for Internet calls, video conferences and to remotely exchange files.

Users can work wireless with a full range of connectivity options: 802.11g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and WWAN mobile broadband.

According to Dell, Windows 7 will run effortlessly on Vostro V13 while performing everyday tasks quickly with support for up to 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory. There’s also an option of full-data-encrypted hard drives, while Dell DataSafe online backup protects and helps recover business-critical data.