Dell's latest addition to its Latitude series of laptops, the Latitude Z, has a number of ‘firsts’ the company is hoping will convince consumers to choose it over a plethora of other brands and models. Dell says its Latitude Z is the world's first 16-inch laptop that is less than an inch thick and also the first laptop with wireless docking and inductive charging (wireless power - no more cords to trip over or lose). The inclusion of Dell’s EdgeTouch allows users to operate commonly used applications and media controls through a touch interface on the screen’s bezel, while Dell’s Latitude ON technology delivers instant, interactive access to email, the Web, contacts, attachments and calendars.

The Latitude Z weighs 4.5lbs and has two solid state drives, which lets users run two operating systems, or back up one drive to another, among other uses. It has a quality auto-focus 2MP camera and good speakers, which make it ideal as a phone replacement for Skype calls, and higher quality video conferencing.

It comes standard with a four-cell battery, a spacious multi-touch touchpad, silky-touch backlit keyboard, high-definition (1600x900) WLED display, and is finished in Black Cherry. A two megapixel camera featuring Dell Capture technology allows users to copy documents scan and save business cards to Microsoft Outlook contacts.

The Dell FaceAware! Lock-Out software automatically locks out other users when a user leaves the laptop, and it even blanks out the screen when you look away to protect your sensitive information. For that extra touch of security, the Latitude Z also has a GPS location device built-in. In addition, the Latitude Z is available with WLAN, Bluetooth and optional 3G WWAN mobile broadband.

Dell says its lightweight, travel-friendly design extends to the Z's power adapter, optional accessories and external optical drive. Travelers can also choose from designer bags by Cole Haan and Timbuck2 to protect the laptop in transit.

The company claims Latitude ON represents the convergence of laptop productivity with 'instant on’ convenience and multi-day battery life in idle mode. Available on the Latitude Z, E4200 and E4300, it includes a sub-processor and sub-operating system that delivers instant access to email and Web and other functions, including: access to IMAP, POP, Novell Groupwise or Microsoft Exchange 2003 email.

The Citrix Receiver allows IT administrators to ensure remote secure access similar to a thin client, it has strong password requirements and supports virtual private network (VPN) functionality. Another feature is its ability to read .doc, .xls, .ppt and .pdf documents.

Latitude ON is available around the world and is a standard feature on the Latitude Z and a US$199 optional upgrade on the Latitude E4200 and E4300.

The Latitude Z is available in Europe and Asia, as well as Canada and the U.S., starting at US$1,999. More details are available online.

Check out the video below to see the Latitude Z in action.

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