Delta's new energy efficient, high brightness LED lamps

Delta's new energy efficient, ...
Delta's High Brightness LED
Delta's High Brightness LED
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Delta's High Brightness LED
Delta's High Brightness LED

April 10, 2008 The world’s largest lighting and building display exhibition, Light+Building 2008 in Frankfurt, continues to produce more bright ideas with Delta Electronics, Inc. announcing it has developed an advanced, energy-saving High Brightness 5W/9W/12W LED Lamp, which is 100% compatible with current sockets (E27) and is similar in appearance to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) of the same wattage. The lamp is easily installed and readily replaces CFL and incandescent lamps. Advantages of the Delta High Brightness LED Lamp include: power-saving, excellent thermal dissipation & color rendering index (CRI), high efficiency, and long life. Of special note is the lamp's outstanding energy-efficiency, especially at lower environment temperatures.

Delta's LED Lamp offers superior light efficiency to CFLs and five times higher than incandescent lamps while Delta's novel heat sink design also delivers 25% higher thermal dissipation than other LED lamps on the market. The lamp offers a CRI of up to 80% (sunlight is 100%) and is particularly well-suited for low temperature environments. At 0°C, the efficiency of the LED lamp is six times higher than a CFL of the same wattage. Lamp life is greater than 35000hrs, which is six times longer than CFLs and 20 times longer than incandescent lamps. Produced under lead-free conditions, the LED Lamp is mercury-free, 100% RoHS compliant, and Delta predicts the luminous efficacy of the lamp will reach 70 lm/W by July 2008. In addition to the 5W/9W/12W LED Lamp, Delta is demonstrating LED lighting for outdoor use such as street lamps and floodlights that is based on the same technology.

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