We've previously celebrated shipping container architecture for its utility, cost and sustainability, but rarely find cause to laud its looks. However, a group of vineyard buildings by Cumulus Studio shows that in the right hands, the humble container can look pretty damn good too.

Located within a vineyard on Tasmania's east coast, the Devil's Corner project comprises a cellar door (sales area), market, and a lookout point. The project covers 572 sq m (6,156 sq ft) and comprises a total of 10 recycled shipping containers: five were used for the lookout and an equal number were used to create the market area.

Australian firm Cumulus Studio painted some of the containers black and clad others in timber, producing a uniform look. The construction process required modifying some of the containers so that they would slot into place, while the lookout tower involved positioning the containers by crane.

Those who enter the lookout tower can enjoy the breathtaking local scenery from various viewpoints, while taking the stairs to the top leads to a small cantilevered viewing section made from a container.

"The integral strength of the containers made them a perfect choice in the construction of the lookout in particular, enabling the structure of the building to be delivered to site and erected quickly," explains Cumulus Studio.

Devil's Corner was completed in 2015.

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