Digital Foci Photo Book: a portable, digital photo album

Digital Foci Photo Book: a por...
Digital Foci Photo Book
Digital Foci Photo Book
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Digital Foci Photo Book
Digital Foci Photo Book

We’ve come a long way since the humble photo frame holding those treasured – and often yellowed - family photos. The advent of the digital frame launched a whole new way of displaying not only photos but videos (with accompanying soundtracks) and you can now buy painting-sized Wi-Fi frames, frames that double as mirrors and two-way touch screens that use the mobile network. Just released by Digital Foci is the Photo Book: by adding a soft leather-like case they’ve turned a standard digital photo frame into a ‘book’ you can carry around and show off your photos and videos - wherever you are - and in a far more elegant and versatile way than using your mobile phone.

The internal battery means there are no messy cables and it can easily be passed around a lounge room or a boardroom. You can run a slideshow, scroll, zoom, rotate and pan.

What makes the Photo Book particularly interesting for photographers is its support for RAW format. It also supports the usual image, audio and video formats and a variety of memory cards.

The 8-inch, 800 x 600, 4GB Photo Book offers over 2.5 hours of battery life via its rechargeable Lithium battery.

The Digital Foci Photo Book will be available from May 2009 at a cost of USD$189.

Karen Sprey

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