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Digital Pot turns your plants into pets

Digital Pot turns your plants into pets
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May 30, 2008 It’s not as attractive as classic terracotta, but this 21st century pot plant could be big news for the sad looking greenery in the corner of your office or apartment. We spotted the high-tech “Digital Pot” over at Yanko Design and were attracted to its tamagotchi-esque qualities that could see “pet plants” become a new craze.

Designed by Junyi Heo, the Digital Pot takes the guesswork out of keeping your plants healthy by expressing on an LCD display exactly how they are feeling and what they need from you. The various icons that can appear on the screen of the pot have corresponding meanings ranging from “normal” and “dissatisfied” to “more water” and “danger”. The system works by measuring the soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and water in the pot and calculating the variables to express the plant’s condition in facial symbols.

Plants can suffer from over watering, as much as under watering, so the pot also automatically drains excess water if you get a bit too enthusiastic with the watering can. To recharge the Digital Pot and to receive information about your plant via software, it can easily be connected to your computer using the USB connection and cable included. This is one gift idea sure to be a hit with anyone lacking a green thumb.

Via Yanko Design.

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