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Digital Signage Agency Training

Digital Signage Agency Training
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May 14, 2009 Advertising agencies have had increasing difficulty in extending their services into new media, a combination of being unable to monetise their efforts outside the simple main media models and a lack of understanding of the new mediums themselves. With digital signage now becoming increasingly sophisticated and affordable at the same time, cellular digital signage and content delivery specialist MediaTile has announced a series of new programs for advertising agencies to accelerate digital signage deployment and adoption. Announced at the 4th annual Digital Signage Content Strategies Summit this week, the new programs will equip agencies and brands with the knowledge, ability, and tools to create “brand networks” which use digital signs to attract, influence and engage viewers in ‘point-of-sale’ and ‘point-of-wait’ environments.

Three new services offerings will be made available to agencies beginning in June 2009:1. Training Programs on content strategies, industry best practices, and design objectives to achieve “contextual relevancy”.2. Certification and a toolkit to perform a Return on Message (ROM) Methodology audit, and Return on Objective (ROO) validations for Digital Signage Optimization.3. A Turnkey Digital Signage Pilot Program for brand networks that demonstrates viability. It dramatically simplifies in-venue testing and accelerates live deployments.

“The industry is reinventing itself and the way it speaks to consumers,” said Roger Sanford, Executive Producer and VP MediaServices, The MediaTile Company. “These innovative new services are empowering agencies and brands to fully integrate digital signage into their roadmap, enabling them to dramatically improve results through relevant creative, planning, and network operation. The end result is increased effectiveness and integrated communications, creating a lucrative yield from the professional services behind digital signage and the networks themselves.”

The new MediaServices Group is a professional services consulting arm of The MediaTile Company, whose focus is to guide content developers, agencies, and network operators in the creation and management of relevant content for digital signage networks. The organization will focus on training and support to achieve industry best practices as defined by the Digital Signage Association, the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB), and others. This includes providing agencies and operators with the core information and tools needed to perform their own Return on Message process for digital signage optimization.

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