Edge Tech Corp's DiskGo USB Flash drive hits 128GB

Edge Tech Corp's DiskGo USB Fl...
DiskGO Backup and 128GB Flash drive
DiskGO Backup and 128GB Flash drive
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DiskGO Backup and 128GB Flash drive
DiskGO Backup and 128GB Flash drive

Over the last few years USB Flash drives have increased considerably in capacity and come down in price. Keeping the trend going is Edge Tech Corp with two new additions to its stable - the 128GB DiskGO and the tiny DiskGO Backup USB Flash drive.

While not the first on the market to offer a 128GB flash drive (Kingston Technology got there first with the DataTraveler 200) it does offer a point of difference – it's around $150 cheaper than the Kingston offering.

All DiskGo USB flash drives are supplied with CryptArchiver Lite software, which offers 128 bit encryption of up to 20MB of data. You can also add-on a full version to encrypt up to 32GB of data at 256 and 448 bit encryption levels (exceeding US government standards for encryption strength).

The DiskGo 128GB is housed in a durable aluminum case and will ship on July 31st for US$389.95.

The company has also announced the DiskGO “BackUp” USB Flash Drive in 1GB-16GB capacities. About the size of a quarter (1.4" x 1" x .2"), the new drive incorporates "Dmailer Backup" software which facilitates storage, syncing and file back-up to a personal online cloud. The 16GB version costs around the USD$60 mark.

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