Like the cameras on several other drones, the 4K/30fps unit on DJI's new Inspire 1 is gimbal-mounted. This not only allows users to remotely pan and tilt, but it also automatically keeps the camera level as the quadcopter itself tips back and forth. Now, DJI is planning on offering a handheld mount, which the Inspire 1's camera – gimbal and all – can be mounted on after being removed from the drone.

Showcased recently at CES, the Inspire 1 Handheld Camera Mount is intended to let Inspire 1 owners use a single camera both for aerial shots, and while shooting by hand on the ground.

The device has physical buttons for controlling parameters such as shutter speed and shooting mode, with an app on the user's paired smartphone (which is held in an included brace) providing a real-time viewfinder and additional camera controls. And needless to say, as the user trudges around, the gimbal keeps the camera steady and level.

No other specs have been provided, as the device is still in development. DJI plans on releasing it later this year, at a price that has yet to be announced.

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